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Tango: "high definition" videoconference on iPhone

enero 23, 2020

Available for a few minutes on the App Store, the Tango app is a free video chat service ?High definition? allowing to see loved ones wherever they are in the world Users can install the application on their iPhone and communicate via 3G and Wi-Fi networks.

Easy to use, Tango allows you to share moments of life from a distance and to make a video call while on the move without depending on a local Wi-Fi network. Thanks to Tango, it is now possible to make video calls wherever you are without restricting yourself from home networks. It is the first high-quality video call service compatible with the 3G network of mobile operators. Tango enables high-definition video calls to and from the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and more than 30 Androd smartphones (including the Motorola Droid X, HTC EVO, HTC Incredible, and Nexus One).

"The idea of ??creating Tango came to us last year to solve our personal problems: how to stay easily connected with our family and friends around the world?", explains Uri Raz, co-founder and general manager of Tango. ?Today we are launching a free video calling service for iPhone and Androd. Our long term goal is to allow anyone in the world to make free video calls from any internet connected screen .

For Eric Setton, co-founder and technical director of Tango, ?Making a video call over the 3G network was a very difficult problem to solve due to the technical requirements required. () We have assembled a world class technical team to solve it and are really excited to make Tango available on iPhone today and Android. We believe that video calls should always be free for everyone. We have therefore created a service capable of connecting hundreds of millions of people with low costs of infrastructure to make this ideal a reality. Our ultimate goal is to give the best product and the best possible experience to our users, and we can't wait to see how people will use this service. ?.

The main features of Tango:

Free high definition video calls via Wi-Fi and 3G networks allowing you to call wherever you are in the world A solution that works on both iPhone and AndrodTango uses phone contacts in the annoyance of having to add friends No registration is necessary! All you have to do is install and call Possibility to see in full screen what you are showing your caller and turn on or off the video according to the needs of the call Works with phones with one (iPhone 3GS) or two cameras (iPhone 4, Androd) Possibility to invite friends who do not yet have the application by email or SMS

Download Tango for free from the App Store.

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