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Prototype iPhone 4: "the investigation is complete"

enero 23, 2020

We haven't heard from the police investigation into the iPhone 4 gar prototype for months. According to the latest information reported by the CNET website, the police investigating this case recently questioned Apple's Steve Jobs' C.E.O.

Also according to the same source, the deputy chief prosecutor of the county of San Mateo (California), Stephen Wagstaffe, said today that the investigation into this theft case is about to be completed and that the final report will be sent to him in the coming weeks. Subsequently, he will review the information reported to him and determine whether to incriminate people relating to the matter.

"In connection with this case, investigators interviewed a number of Apple employees and others still connected with the case, including the Apple CEO Steve Jobs", said Wagstaffe.

An Apple spokesperson declined to comment on the statements.

As a reminder, a prototype of the iPhone 4 had been parked by an Apple engineer in a Redwood bar last April before being found by a third party and then being sold for approximately $ 5,000 to one of the subsidiaries of the Gawker Media group (Gizmodo).

The latter had not hesitated to unveil in preview what was going to look like, in all parts, the future iPhone 4. What had caused a considerable interest among the fans of Apple.

The police subsequently launched an investigation, including a search of the home of one of Gizmodo's editors, Jason Chen.

The editor and his employer have agreed to cooperate voluntarily with the police, in particular to provide all the information related to this case. Prosecutor Wagstaffe said he had recovered all the convicted documents and the numerous documents.

Since the start of the investigation, Gizmodo has always maintained the position of never having obstructed the law by obtaining the prototype.

The lawyer for the person who sold the Gizmodo prototype believed that his client had made an error in judgment but that the latter had committed no crime.

Under California law dating back to 1872, anyone who finds lost property and knows that they could obtain it – but appropriates it for their own use – is guilty of theft. In addition, a second law says that anyone who knowingly receives property that has been illegally obtained can be imprisoned for up to one year.

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(Photo credit: AFP)

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