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iReveilPro2 available on the App Store

enero 23, 2020

Alexandre Pestre, the creator of iReveilPro has just released a new version of his application on the App Store. In addition to the alarm clock with the radio (more than 300 radios available in more than 20 countries), in addition to the alarm clock with your favorite songs or playlist, you now have the possibility of waking up with a sound and even a sound recorded by yourself . Imagine waking up your spouse with ?Happy birthday sweetie?, or wake up every morning by your children's voices. Let yourself be imagined …

Function "Sleep" (falling asleep) is still present. There is a trick to fall asleep with a radio and wake up with a song or playlist.

You will also find in this new version the weather forecast, but this time, for the whole world with the possibility of localization, with a detail on 3 days for more than 10,000 French, Belgian and Swiss cities. You have for 4 days weather information, morning, noon, afternoon and evening, in rolling information.

Another novelty for this version, very appreciable, it warns you of birthdays if the ?birthday? section of your contacts is filled in.

Last but not least, iReveilPro2 is compatible with the multitasking of iOS 4 firmware. If you are not on the application when you wake up, don't worry, a pre-programmed sound will wake you up anyway. There are about twenty to choose from.

All for only 0.79 on the App Store.

We discuss it on the forum.