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IPhone game: manage your cinma with Megaplex

enero 23, 2020

A little time to lose and looking for games compatible with the Game Center? Get started with the game ?Megaplex? and learn how to ?manage? your cinema to welcome more and more visitors.

The principle of Megaplex is as follows: you are a ?promoter? and you have the possibility of buying cinemas left in ruin. Then give them back their former grandeur accompanied by quality service in order to best satisfy your customers. The more satisfied customers you have, the more you will be able to reach the budget necessary to continue developing your acquisitions: install popcorn machines, ticket booths, video game terminals, toilets with a hand drying service super fast, etc.

Megaplex is developed by Big Fish Games and is available on the App Store at the price of 2.39.

It should be noted that Megaplex is not yet optimized for the Retina screen of the iPhone 4. We can assume that a future update will bring this improvement.

We discuss it on the forum.