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iOS 4.2 bta 1: update on new features

enero 23, 2020

The iOS 4.2 update for developers only includes a lot of new features for the iPad, which is still installed on iOS 3.x while the iPhone is at 4.1, where many of these new features are already available.

So a lot of new things and improvements will appear in November for the iPad, here is one résumé :


There is no point in looking for an application to launch this new feature, it comes in the form of an export button print from a photo, an email, safari,

Then, a basic dialog box offers the printers available on the local network via Wi-Fi.

A new button in the multi-task presents other options including canceling printing.

We deduce that the editors will modify their applications in order to offer this option to diPad, iPhone 4, iPhone 3 GS and iPod Touch users.


Airplay is a new feature that offers audio and video streaming at home. From the iPod application, you can choose your broadcast source, Apple TV connected to the TV, Air Express terminal or other compatible device.

The multi-task

The mutli-tasks does not seem to slow iPad. Small news, the home button allows you to control the brightness, it will no longer be necessary to go through the settings application.

The files

It is possible to integrate 20 (against 12 for iPhone) applications per folder, 9 are visible in the icon.

The rotation

The orientation blocking button now allows the iPad to go into silent mode, so you will find the blocking option in the multi-task palette.


As in iOS 4 of the iPhone, your emails are now merged into a universal mailbox.

The Gamecenter

The Gamecenter on iPad is unchanged the one you use on iPhone 4.

Settings and others

Spotlight is available and is now found in the general settings.

Notes offers two additional fonts: Helvetica and Chalkboard (also new for iPhone).

Latest innovation, an option to deactivate 3G and connect only to the EDGE, practical for saving the battery.

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