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Apple would be interested in selling newspapers

enero 23, 2020

After launching his own advertising campaign "IAd" through the applications available on its App Store, Apple would be interested in offering a subscription solution the press writes if we crot Mercury News.

The principle would therefore no longer be to offer only quality media to press groups – in order to be able to integrate their iPhone or iPad applications in particular – but to go further by proposing a solution that would offer subscription offers, on which Apple could use a commission of 30% without forgetting the 40% of advertising revenue.

This new La Presse crite subscription service should probably be made available from the App Store and would therefore be compatible with iOS devices. The principle of use would be that each user could subscribe to the title (s) of their choice and find it whenever they want.

While taking advantage of the quality of the media available, these titles should nevertheless use all the tools available to it to make their content as attractive as possible and therefore always more attractive to readers.

According to rumors, the Cupertino company would however leave some flexibility to press groups by offering them various possibilities.

And this without reminding that as soon as the announcement of the arrival of the iPad, the latter had been presented by Apple as ?The savior of the Press?.

We discuss it on the forum.