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Apple will continue to offer a case through its after-sales service

enero 23, 2020

Apple released a press release this Friday on the page dedicated to the free iPhone 4 case program. The Cupertino company believes that the antenna problem of the new iPhone is even smaller than they had thought.

According to Apple, ?A small percentage of iPhone 4 users needed to order their cases?. That much, the firm will continue to distribute a tui type "Bumper" – as well as tuis from other brands – free for anyone who bought the new iPhone before September 30. After this date, it will no longer be possible to order a tui free of charge via the program currently in place through the dedicated application. Apple says, however, that anyone wishing to obtain information about the iPhone 4 antenna should contact customer service and may, if necessary, request a "Bumper" case free of charge if they experience a reception problem with their device.

The Cupertino company, however, did not specify if it had made any internal modification relating to the design of the antenna of the iPhone 4.

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