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Apple TV + order for Scott Z. Burns 'Extrapolations' series

Apple is in the process of concluding an agreement to create a new series for Apple TV + based on Scott Z. Burns' "Extrapolations" anthology on the theme of climate change.

Extrapolations from Scott Z. Burns

The new series will be produced by Media Res, already known for producing ?The Morning Show?. Media Res also collaborated with Apple TV + on ?Pachinko? and a dramatic CIA film with Brie Larson.

Burns is a writer, director and producer known for "An Inconvenient Truth" and "The Report" and will be the executive producer of "Extrapolations". The series will tell intimate stories about how the changes coming to our plant will affect love, faith, work and family on a personal and human level . The stories will be intertwined during the season and will follow the global battle for our mutual survival through the 21st century .

Most stories about climate change have focused on science and have led people to accept it. Our goal with Extrapolations is to go beyond science and use theater, comedy, mystery and everything in between to make us understand how every aspect of our world will change in the years to come.