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Apple and Facebook negotiated Ping for 18 months

enero 23, 2020

On September 1st, Apple launched his social network ping, the occasion of the Special Event. This new social network allows you to share the music you have bought and loved as well as follow your favorite friends and artists.

An article from Silicon Alley Insider indicates that Apple and Facebook have negotiated for at least 18 months regarding Facebook?s integration into Ping. Unfortunately for Apple, the negotiations would not have been successful because Facebook would have had too expensive requests for its integration into Ping.

Despite this failure, the team in charge of iTunes still integrated the ?Facebook Connect? function to allow the integration of their friends, but Facebook quickly blocked this functionality for Apple.

The goal sought by the company of Cupertino would have been to have the opportunity to be able to sell more music and more iPod thanks to the huge reservoir of Facebook accounts (in addition to the very numerous existing iTunes Store accounts) without creating a social network from A Z. But the failure of negotiations with the social network Facebook had to force the firm Apple to build ping fully.

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(Silicon Alley Insider)