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A summary of the new features on the iPhone 11 and iOS 13

enero 23, 2020

ios 13 iconWhile many leaks have made it possible, even earlier than in previous years, to know a good part of the new features of the iPhone 11 and iOS 13, the Youtubeur EverythingApplePro just released a summary video. In collaboration with the leaker Max Weinbach, this sequence of a few minutes allows us to confirm some rumors but also teaches us some details about the future products of Apple.

If the iPhone 11, 11 Max and 11R should neither change size, nor change the type of screen (OLED for the first two, and LCD for the last), however, they will take advantage of significant new features. Ditto for the apple mobile operating system, iOS 13.

iphone xi iphone 11 max iphone 11r

The new features of the iPhone 11 / XI

The first novelty concerns the new rear texture. Softer and less slippery, the material is the famous frosted glass seen several times this month. Then we would find new colors. On the iPhone 11/11 Max, the space gray will be darker, and on the iPhone 11R, the lavender and green colors will be there.

Then, the speaker part, still in stro, will be greatly improved to make it a real portable speaker. A more powerful and clearer sound should come out.

As expected, the photo part will be THE big news this year. We should not cut the famous square module, but Apple would have refined it recently and covered it with a slightly opaque film so that it is based on design. Photo sensors will be arranged in a triangle on the iPhone XI, as seen in most concepts. Apple would not have put the optical stabilization on the three but only the main sensor as well as the telephoto lens. The new kid, the wide-angle, will only have it in 2020 according to Weinbach. In the meantime, the angle of the latter will be 120. The assembly should produce images of 12 megapixels, as on our current iPhone.

Still for the photo part, the flash will benefit from increased power and a wider angle. To finish on this part, the A13 chip and the ISP part dedicated to imaging will make it possible to have a Smart HDR function better than ever, with a stronger contrast than among competitors, Google Huawei and Samsung.

The news stops there for him. No reverse charging, no improved Taptic Engine, 120 Hz screen or Touch ID under the screen. To check.

iphone 11 max concept hasan kaymak 2

IOS 13: the main new features

All iPhone 2019 will logically arrive with iOS 13. Present on June 3, this major version will focus on performance and night mode. This mode will naturally increase the autonomy of iPhone OLED screen – by dyeing black pixels – and should activate automatically according to the time. We can obviously choose whether or not to activate it.

The other big new feature of iOS 13 should be called Siri, with the possibility of making several requests at the same time. The assistant will take advantage of this to become even more intelligent and understand many more requests.

That's all for iOS 13 according to our video maker. It's weird, we had seen the redesign of Mail, that of Safari, the new keyboard capable of following our gestures to write or the new multitasking. Also check.

ios 12 concept dark mode night mode

Finally, would iPhone 11 be called iPhone 13?

This is how the Youtubeur concludes. Basically, for him that is a lot of number 13 with iOS 13, the A13 chip and the 13th generation of iPhone. So for him, Apple could call it iPhone 13. To check during the next keynote that we have already prepared!

Here is the video that summarizes the new features expected: