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WhatsApp: dark mode is finally available in beta, download the APK

enero 22, 2020

WhatsApp finally goes from the dark side. Dark mode is indeed available in the beta version of the messaging application on Android. This is not the first time that the mode has made a remarkable appearance in the test version. We explain how to take advantage of it now.

whatsapp dark mode beta android

The latest beta of WhatsApp is equipped with a dark mode, report our colleagues from Android Police on January 22. An option in the application settings allows indeed to darken the colors of the interface and enjoy a dark gray background.

So it?s not a dark mode to reduce the power consumption of OLED screens. However, the mode is a boon for your eyes, especially if you are looking at your smartphone in the dark. As a reminder, the dark mode has already appeared many times in the beta of WhatsApp. Its last appearance dates from October 2019.

How to activate WhatsApp dark mode

  • Open the app
  • Go to Settings
  • Go to the Discussions section
  • Click on Theme
  • Choose Dark

For the moment, the dark mode is therefore reserved for participants of the beta program set up by WhatsApp via the Play Store. Unfortunately, this program has recently been closed. Facebook, parent company of WhatsApp, claims to have recruited enough beta testers. It is unknown when the option will be deployed in the final version of WhatsApp on Android.

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How to install the WhatsApp 2.20.13 APK

To install the beta, you will imperatively have to recover the APK file of the application directly on APKMirror, via the link below. If you do not know how to go about it, we advise you to take a look at our file how to download an APK on Android. What do you think of this long-awaited dark mode? We await your opinion in the comments below.

Download the WhatsApp 2.20.13 APK on APKMirror

Source: Android Police