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iTV: an Apple TV "makeover" with iOS launched in September?

enero 22, 2020

Digg founder Kevin Rose published on his blog information (from internal sources at Apple) that the Cupertino company will launch its new product named in September "ITV" who would rename the old product for the occasion ?Apple TV? which had missed a certain year of interest when it launched in late March 2007.

"ITV" would have been completely overhauled by Apple, it would now integrate the iOS operating system and could therefore host applications from the App Store. The applications – dedicated to the new product – would allow users to provide TV programs and rentals, a la carte. Mr. Rose believes that, ?ITV will completely change the way you watch TV?.

Without counting on the Apple iAD which will certainly also ?His share of the cake? in the content that will be offered. American TV channels such as ABC, CNN, etc. may, for example, if they wish, offer their television content while benefiting from the income generated by the advertising spaces or ranges.

?ITV could destroy cable television and satellite content providers, since the only condition for accessing its content will be Internet access?, says Mr. Rose.

In addition to offering TV content and enjoying apps from the App Store, iTV could also allow sharing of photos and videos with anyone. There may even be a feature that can warn users when a new photo or video (of a contact) has been posted.

The iPad could also have its role to play with the iTV and could become a kind of large interactive remote control in addition to allowing users to edit videos, take control of the games and even why watch a football match while looking at other angles from your iPad!

According to Rose, Apple may initially market in the United States – in the form of a setup box – at the price of $ 99 in September.

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