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IPhone XI 2019 appear in the EEC listing

iphone xi iphone 11 iconThe Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) has just added many new iPhone models to its database. Without detailing the features, the new Apple phones are indicated as running iOS 12.

MySmartPrice is the one who took over this change and who gives us the serial numbers associated with future iPhone XI, iPhone XI Max and iPhone XIR.

11 new iPhone 11s?

The new iPhone models listed by the EEC are:

  • A2111
  • A2160
  • A2161
  • A2215
  • A2216
  • A2217
  • A2218
  • A2219
  • A2220
  • A2221
  • A2223

There is a good chance that it is the codes of the iPhone 2019. The latter will be present next September with some new features especially around the photo (famous triple sensor for the XI, and double for the XIR), all under iOS 13 .

Each year, the leaks announce this kind of information on the new iPhone the same period.

Here is the most successful concept for an iPhone 11:

iphone 11 max concept hasan kaymak 1

What is EEC?

To finish, here is the description of the EEC made by Wikipdia:

The Eurasian Economic Commission is the executive body of the Eurasian Economic Union responsible for the implementation of decisions, respect for the features of the European Union and the management of the day-to-day affairs of the Eurasian Economic Union.