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IPhone 5 could become your iPortfolio

enero 22, 2020

If you're wondering what to expect from the next generation iPhone beyond an upgraded antenna and a more powerful processor, the next iPhone may make your life even easier …

When we know that Apple has already filed numerous patents relating to the use of an NFC chip (near field data communications) and is recruiting for this purpose, the next iPhone could, for example, be used as a means of payment, house keys or even an identity card and even more!

Indeed, the Cupertino company recently hired a certain Benjamin Vigier, expert in near field data communications. In the past, Mr. Vigier had been the product manager ?Mobile wallet? and specialist in NFC payments on behalf of the company mFoundry Mobile specializes in this area. He is also the man who developed the payment services that can be found in Paypal Mobile and Starbucks (which used barcodes).

Another interesting point, this chip could also allow you to find your music in streaming and retransmit them to other audio output devices, according to the user's choice (in the bedroom, the office, the car and even on public transport like on a plane).

Even if the iPhone models become more and more successful, the Cupertino company must stay ahead of the competition and offer such services could allow Apple to always offer something different?

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