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iOS 4.1: the problem of proximity sensors has not yet been resolved

enero 22, 2020

At its last press conference on July 16, Apple's Steve Jobs' C.E.O acknowledged, in addition to the antenna problem, that a problem related to proximity sensors existed. These sensors normally allow you to reach the touch screen – during calls – to prevent accidental launching of certain features, including the mute of the microphone. Steve Jobs had indicated that this sensor problem would be fixed in the next update. However, recent reports claim that the situation is not yet about to be resolved.

When the new iOS 4.0.2 firmware was made available, one would have thought that Apple's teams could have rectified this relatively annoying sensor problem – in addition to the correction brought about the flaw allowing jailbreak -. According to feedback from users who downloaded the last update, this was not the case, the problem is still persistent.

according to the latest information reported by an Apple spokesperson in Australia, it appears that the problem has not yet been resolved.

Will the Cupertino company allow itself to make its next iOS 4.1 firmware available without this relatively significant correction? As a reminder, the release of the firmware iOS 4.1 is normally expected next month? It is also possible that Steve Jobs will give details on his availability during the press conference scheduled for Wednesday.

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