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Inventec Appliances is now ready to deliver several orders from AirPods

enero 22, 2020

Inventec Appliances is expected to receive more orders for AirPods production in 2020, according to a new Digitimes report.

Inventec Appliances - AirPods

Expansion of production will be guaranteed with the availability of additional capacity with the company's new plant, Nanchang, in China's Jiangxi Province. It will be operational during the year. In this way, the company will seek to recover ground against the other AirPods assembler, the Chinese Luxshare-ICT. It entered the AirPods supply chain precisely because Inventec Appliances was unable to fulfill all orders from Apple.

In this way, Apple will be able to meet the ever-increasing demand for its true wireless headphones, even in the case of the new AirPods Pro where availability is currently low.