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How to fix the error Mount doesn't appear in Windows 10

Editing is a very useful feature in Windows 10. Since Windows 7, Mount has been one of the essential built-in tools in Windows. Before Windows 7, if you wanted to use an ISO or IMG file, you had to download and install an additional program to open these types of files, but now you can easily open this type of package in File Explorer. After the last update, when If you right-click on the ISO or IMG file that you want to open, the mounting option, located at the top of the window, is not visible. Windows Disc Image Burner is not set as the default program and therefore the montage does not appear. In this tutorial, we will show you how to fix the mount error does not appear in Windows 10.

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How to fix the error Mount does not appear in Windows 10

Click on the Start menu and open or you can try the alternative option, and that would be to press Windows + I keys.

Then find on the left side and click on , then scroll down and open .

You will see the list of programs on the left side, then you will find and click .

When the new window appears, click on , then on . After that, when you right click on an IMG or ISO file, you will see the option .

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