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How to easily download YouTube videos

enero 22, 2020

To watch a video on YouTube, simply enter the name of the video in the search field and when the video appears in the list, just click on it. But, what often happens is that a video is removed for various reasons, for example copyright, and you will no longer be able to watch that video. Then it is best to download the video and once you have saved it to your device, you can watch it whenever you want. On the Internet you can find tons of programs or add-ons with which you can download video. But, there is a much simpler solution, you just have to change the URL of your video, and it automatically redirects to the page where you can download it with just one click. This guide will show you how to easily download YouTube videos.

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How to easily download a YouTube video

To download the YouTube video in the easiest way, follow these instructions:

First, sign in to your Gmail account.

Then go to YouTube and in the search box, type the name of your favorite video that you want to download.

Then find the video in the search results and click on it. Wait for the video to load.

In the next step, just add ss to the YouTube video URL. If you don't understand, just see the example. This is the original video and the URL you need to download the video is: .

Once you have changed the address, press Enter.

In the window you will see the options where you can select the video quality and the preferred format. Then, just press "Download" and the video will start to download.

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