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How to delete passwords saved by Google Chrome

enero 22, 2020

Like many Internet users, you may have left it to your web browser to manage your login details and passwords. Whether by ease or laziness, it is time to shake up this bad habit and leave the management of this sensitive data a dedicated utility.

Contrary to what one might think, the adoption of a specialized tool for managing passwords is not as painful as it seems. You just need to export your access keychain first, then import it into the new password manager. The transition is quite simple and will allow you to secure your passwords on all your devices.

But when this step is taken, you quickly decide how comfortable it is to be able to find all of its information in the same application, forgetting the elements stored in the browser. Better to do a little cleaning and proceed with the total deletion of this sensitive information. Here's how to delete passwords saved by Google Chrome.

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1. Secure your passwords with a dedicated password manager

Start by backing up your already existing password set by exporting your browser's username and password, then importing them into your password manager.

You can, if you wish, follow our step – not dedicated to explaining in detail the steps to follow to get started with Bitwarden.

2. Go to Chrome settings

Once all your passwords are correctly exported and saved in a dedicated password manager, open Chrome, click on the main menu and go to Browser settings.

3. Enter the password manager

Under title Autofill, click on Passwords. By clicking on the options button represented by three small dots, you can delete each password individually.

While you're at it, think about unchecking the option Offer to save passwords to avoid saving a password in the browser by mistake.

This method remains laborious, however. Fortunately, it is possible to delete all the passwords saved in the browser at once.

To do this, from the panel settings from Chrome, go to Advanced settings, go to the menu Confidentiality and security, and click Clear navigation data.

In the pop-up that is displayed, place yourself on the tab Advanced settings, check the line Passwords and other login details, then click Clear data.

All usernames and passwords saved in Chrome and synchronized with your Google Account will be permanently deleted from the browser.