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Global mobile sales still up sharply in the second quarter

enero 22, 2020


Global mobile phone sales rose 13.8% in the second quarter, continuing the strong growth that began at the start of the year, due in particular to the success of smartphones (+ 50.5%), the firm said on Thursday. Gartner studies.

In the first quarter, sales had already jumped 17%. From April to the end of June, 325.6 million mobile phones were sold, including 61.6 million smartphones, these multifunction mobile phones allowing you to surf the Internet and download applications (music, games, videos, etc.).

All devices combined, the market remains dominated by the Finnish Nokia, whose position nevertheless continues to grow (34.2% of sales against 36.8% a year ago).

South Korean Samsung is consolidating its second place (20.1% market share, against 19.3%), while its compatriot LG, third, continues to decline (9% against 10.7%).

The Canadian RIM, manufacturer of the Blackberry, still has the wind in its sails: its sales increased by 46.2% in the second quarter, allowing it to strengthen its 4th place (3.4% of market share). Smartphone segment, RIM is still 2nd, with 18.2% of sales. It is preceded by Symbian, of Nokia, world number one whose position is definitely heckled: its market share thus fell in one year from 51% to 41.2%.

Apple, with its iPhone, saw its sales jump by 60.8%, an increase less than expected due to inventory problems, according to Gartner. Its market share is now 2.7% (and 14.2% in the smartphone segment alone).

Booming Android, Google?s operating system, now has 17.2% of smartphones, up from just 1.8% a year ago. Android surpassed Apple this quarter. In the United States, it is now the first operating system for smartphones, ahead of RIM.

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(according to AFP)