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Crazy iPhone 11 concept with full edge screen and 4 cameras

enero 22, 2020

iphone xi iphone 11 iconIf the latest concepts of iPhone 11 seen are rather realistic, it is rather utopian. Indeed, the designer's latest creation Hasan Kaymak is downright crazy, but full of good ideas. If Apple released a device like this, it would be certain to resume the head of innovation in the telephone.

Indeed, this iPhone XI has features never seen on an iPhone. Among them, there is a 6.4 inch full edge notch which covers not only the entire front, but also the four sides. In addition, the back of the camera has a quadruple camera, while at the front, the camera is hidden under the panel.

iphone 11 crazy crazy concept full edge screen

A superb multifunction screen on the iPhone 11

The concept details the usefulness of such a screen which therefore covers more than half of the total surface of the device. If the front panel displays the iOS interface in a fairly classic way, the sides turn into dynamic touch zones. You can, for example, change the volume or launch apps with shortcuts. One could imagine other examples of uses such as the display of notifications when the telephone is face down. But also specific action buttons for video games or a mini multimedia player. On the other hand, it will be necessary to provide an intelligent system which protects against involuntary clicks and which makes it possible to take charge of the telephone.

For the photo part, Hasan imagines a front lens hidden under the screen, just to spoil the design and the rear no less than 4 cameras. This reminds us of the escalation launched by Huawei on its P30. As for the front camera conceals, be aware that Apple has been working on it for at least two years as evidenced by various patents.

In short, here are some good ideas from which Apple could draw inspiration, not necessarily for the iPhone 11, of which we know the new features, but why not the iPhone 12. With this kind of product, the apple would see its sales rebound without difficulty. Ditto if it launched a successful folding iPhone and reasonable price. a, it's still probably even less sure.

iphone 11 concept 4 cameras

The concept of iPhone XI in video