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Corruption at some "Mobistar Center" resellers (update)

One month after the start of its commercialization in Belgium, the new iPhone remains a very coveted and complicated object to acquire, so much so as to give ideas to certain resellers of the product who are trying to make the most of it in order to create net profit margins.

In itself, this situation is not really an info for the writing of Belgium-iPhone. We had already been warned – since the time of the sale of the iPhone 3G in 2008 of illegal practices on the part of certain resellers who did not hesitate, for example, to only sell the product if there was a new subscription or purchases of some accessories (all , screen protection, headphones, etc.).

On the other hand, we did not suspect the fact that some of these distributors used methods which one could qualify as corruptive in order to have larger stocks in order to resell their precious products through parallel channels (auction site, classified ads, etc.). This corruption strongly penalizes customers anxious to get an iPhone quickly but especially at the official price.

Witness this voice recording (below) where we can hear the seller of a sign Mobistar Center located in the Charleroi region which does not hesitate to explain the process of its business from a client who did not hesitate to secretly record the conversation to transmit it to us later.

We learn that this seller offers a sum of around 500, each week, his supplier so as to have a larger quantity of stocks.

My supplier explained to me that if I give him 500, he would be able to bring ten pieces on Tuesdays and ten pieces on Fridays instead of the two pieces usually delivered per week explains the seller and he adds we sell half of these iPhones officially but the other half, we sell them by ourselves.

And these famous iPhones sold by a parallel sector are selling at exorbitant prices. The seller explains that he sells – with his colleague – half of the stocks by adding an additional 350 per piece.

So far, we have sold a dozen of them by this method. Friday, we will receive eight more pieces and we will keep four pieces for us he indicates, and he concludes For now, it's time to do it, but in two or three weeks, when there is more stock, it won't be worth it .

Update 3:45 p.m. : Mobistar, through spokesman Patti Verdoodt, wanted to react to this case: "We are currently carrying out investigations within our franchised brands and we will take all the necessary measures which are necessary so that such acts can no longer happen".

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