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Best tracking apps for kids

enero 22, 2020

It is impossible to pin down the parents' concerns for their children. They may seem too exciting, but somewhere each of us understands the harshness around us. There are frightening incidents and terrible stories happening around the children and we prefer to be safe than sorry. If we could, we would certainly keep our children next to us and never leave them alone. Unfortunately, this is not possible and there are days when they should be seen going to independent places. However, although we cannot be physically present at all times, we can certainly monitor their location. Your teenage children may want to contact you in an emergency or just to find out where their parents are. There are different circumstances that may require being in touch or knowing where you are, and this is when tracking apps become useful.

Smartphones aren't just for making calls; they are very useful and can help us in many situations. There are apps that will help you stay connected to your family. Let us take advantage of what technology must provide us with to monitor the safety of our children. Here is a list of the best child tracking apps.

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List of the best child tracking apps

ZoeMob family locator:

Top of the best child tracking apps

ZoeMob allows a family to be always connected. Moms, dads and children can locate themselves in the palm of their hands. Once downloaded, the app will show you the location of your family members on a map. In addition, you can also manage events that are connected with your children. You can also chat with your family because ZoeMob has its own messenger. There is a panic button included which can be used in emergency situations. ZoeMob can be downloaded for Android and iPhone users.

Download ZoeMob for Android

Download ZoeMob for iOS

Family Tracker:

Top of the best child tracking apps

This is one of the most useful child tracking apps that allows you to keep track of your family members. It sends updates without any action by the user, whether the application is running or not. You can send a stealth ping that helps update the location of the remote device without the person's knowledge. The family tracker will continue to track and send details even if it is restarted. The phone can be tracked over the web and audio can be forced even if the phone is in silent mode. It will work in any part of the world and sending SMS is completely free even if you send SMS from foreign destinations. All that needs to be done is to install Family Tracker on the phone of the person you want to follow and use the application or a browser to check their whereabouts.

Download Family Tracker for Android

Download Family Tracker for iOS

For my children – footprints:

Top of the best child tracking apps

This application is specially created for parents concerned about the safety of their child. Parents can see where their children have been. You can share your location with your friends and family privately and automatically. All that is required is that you carry your phone with you. The fingerprints have a very simple and clear interface and share location updates automatically, there are no manual functions required for sharing. You can configure Geofences. A Geofence is a virtual fence or border which, once crossed, will give you a notification. For example, you can configure a Geofence when your child reaches the piano class – when he / she crosses the border, you get an update. There are motion sensors that can be activated while your children are in motion. Parental controls share locations all the time without being turned off. There are also speeding notifications and parents receive an alert whenever children cross a certain speed limit. This is a powerful tracking app and is very handy that every family should have. It is available for iPhone users.

Download For My Kids – Footprints for iOS

Family Finder – Life 360:

Top of the best child tracking apps

It is one of the best child tracking apps on the list. It uses TIRE to locate your family or friends and sends automatic reports on their whereabouts. Everyone who needs to be connected should have the application installed on their phones. You can create Geofences with this and be notified when they arrive at their destination. It also sends acceleration messages and also warns if there is a car accident. Support workers receive a notification when there is an accident which reminds them to check how the person is and even sends them through the emergency services to the place of the accident. After registering with the app, all members appear on the map as separate icons which can then be monitored. This is a superb tracking device and is available for Android and iPhone users.

Download Family Locator – Life 360 ??for Android

Download Family Locator – Life 360 ??for iOS

Safety of the MamaBear family:

Top of the best child tracking apps

With MamaBear around you, your child has a greater area of ??independence. Parents can keep a full track of their children's whereabouts. You can also monitor your child's social media activity not only from the location, but also detailed information on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Tumblr. You can prepare to receive automatic notifications when your child arrives and leaves school, playground, etc. so you don't have to ask him to send you a message every time he arrives. In addition to simply knowing the speed of their driving, you can also know if they are driving or that they are only passengers. Children can update their parents with doodles, pictures or moticnes. With One-Touch Panic Button, you can send parents an emergency notification, they are alerted. The app is very interesting and you can change it with personal wallpapers to make it more exciting. The MamaBear app is available for Android and iPhone users.

Download MamaBear Family Safety for Android

Download MamaBear Family Safety for iOS

Family Orbit – Parental control and child tracker:

Top of the best child tracking apps

Yet another useful child tracking app on the list that has a bunch of features to help you stay connected to your family. You can monitor the images your teens share so you know there is nothing inappropriate to share. Family Orbit also allows you to track the usage of each family member's mobile data so that you can take restrictive action. Parents also have access to their children's contact list so they know who their children are in contact with. You have the option of sending SOS alerts to notify family members if you have any problems. The app gives you peace of mind when you have all your family members on your palm. The application can be used by Android and iPhone users.

Download Family Orbit – Parental Control & Child Tracker for Android

Download Family Orbit – Parental Control & Child Tracker for iOS

GPS Tracker family My family:

Top of the best child tracking apps

A versatile family app with versatile features that will help you stay in touch with your family. Application developers guarantee that the data of users and their children is not shared and is limited to phones. Once you activate "Children's mode" on your child's phone, the child will no longer be able to turn it on or change the application settings. One of the best features of this application is that you would be able to listen to what is going on around your child and that you can also speak to give instructions to your interlocutor. A forced video and snapshot can be created from your child's phone. The application can store the history of movements for up to 3 years. There is an option from Geofence to confirm that your child has reached and leaves the destination.

Download Family GPS Tracker My Family for Android

These are the best child tracking apps that will help you keep your kids safe.

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