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Apple launches new business challenge for employees

enero 22, 2020

Starting in February, Apple will launch its annual business challenge for all of its employees, asking them to close the three rings on the Apple Watch every day of the month.

Apple Watch - activity challenge

Employees who pass the challenge will be rewarded with a t-shirt with a ?2020? logo formed with ?Apple Watch? style rings, as shared by an Apple employee.

Employees who complete the challenge each day will earn the ?gold? position in the ranking and will receive a gold pin with their t-shirt. For the others, there will also be silver and bronze rewards accompanied by silver and bronze pins.

Already in 2018 and 2019, Apple had organized similar challenges by offering its employees Apple Watch straps.

Apple?s business challenge in February is reserved for Apple employees. Of course, Apple also organizes public fitness challenges, but if they don't have the same rewards as those reserved for employees.