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Apple has considered end-to-end encryption for iCloud backups

enero 22, 2020

Apple intended to integrate end-to-end encryption into iCloud backups before giving up on the FBI objections.

iCloud backups

Since the San Bernardino affair, the dispute between the FBI and Apple has become increasingly acute, particularly in the most important media cases. On the one hand, the federal agency which requests Apple data on iPhone protected by passwords and belonging to the suspects, of the other Apple which repeats that it is impossible to access these data without installing a drobed door. Adding that this would endanger the security of all aircraft in circulation.

Today, Reuters has added a new part to this story. Over two years ago, Apple informed the FBI that it planned to implement end-to-end encryption for iCloud backups. Eventually, Apple abandoned the idea after the FBI itself filed several objections. It is unclear whether such objections played a role in Apple's decision.

A former Apple employee told Reuters the company did not want to risk further scrutiny by officials for the potential protection of criminals, or encourage new anti-encryption laws.

Adding end-to-end encryption to iCloud backups would have made accessing data stored in databases much more complex, even for Apple. In fact, for years, at the request of investigators, Apple has provided the suspects' iCloud backup data so that law enforcement can have very useful information for their investigations.

If Apple had been at the end of its idea, the company would have refused any request for repressive services.