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Apple attacks former Ax processor chief

enero 22, 2020

The legal battle between Apple and the former head of internal processors for the iPhone and iPad continues. In recent hours, the judge has presented requests for formal notice on both sides.

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Apple sued Gerard Williams for breach of contract after the engineer left the company to found his transformation business: This case leads to the worst-case scenario for an innovative company like Apple: a trusted senior director with years of experience and years of access to Apple's most valuable information, he secretly starts a competing company by exploiting technology on he worked with and the same teams he worked with while he was still employed by Apple.

The case is even more important because Williams led the development team for all A-series processors, from the A7 chip to the iPhone 5s in 2013 to the A12X chip used in the current line of iPads. Pro.

In pre-trial applications, Williams said Apple was trying to impose an anti-competitive clause that would have been illegal under California law. Justice Mark Pierce has so far denied this request, stating that the law does not allow an employee to plan and prepare to create a competitor before the termination of the contract, if the employee does so during office hours and with the resources of that employer .

Second, Williams said Apple was not allowed to monitor its text messages, which were allegedly sent from a corporate phone. Again, the judge dismissed the request and will allow Apple to present these messages as evidence in court: There is no evidence in the complaint that the text messages were obtained after listening to or recording a confidential communication.

However, the judge did not accept any request from Apple. The company claimed punitive damages, in addition to damages for the actual damage caused to the company. For Apple, punitive damages would have served as a warning to others. However, the judge decided that the punitive damages would have been only if it had been shown that Williams had intentionally decided to harm Apple, but on this point the company presented no evidence to support this claim. assertion.

The trial will continue in the coming weeks.

NUVIA Inc. was founded by Gerard Williams III, Manu Gulati and John Bruno in early 2019 and is currently developing a processor codenamed Phoenix. The company, which has eight other former Apple employees, has raised $ 53 million from Dell Technologies Capital and other Silicon Valley investors, in an effort to drop its current 60 employees to 100 by the end of the year. The founders of Nuvia have been working at Apple for several years, specifically on the development of the company's internal processors.