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An iPhone 4G "LTE" for 2011?

enero 22, 2020

As we told you on Tuesday, the construction of a new factory Foxconn – specially dedicated to producing iPhone – is due to debut this month and according to new information, is said to cost $ 100 million. The purpose of this new strategy is not officially known but could mean Apple's desire to extend the distribution of its iPhone to new operators exploiting in particular the CDMA network standard. That's not all, not far from this new factory building, there is a workshop where 500 people already work there (which is very little compared to the current production lines of the iPhone 4). Apple, through its partner Foxconn, could use this place to develop its new iPhone, which will be released next year. The advantage of this location would notably allow the Cupertino company to restrict access to information and so to limit leaks. It would also be an opportunity for Foxconn to already prepare the ground as well as to be able to set up the new production lines as well as to train the workers.

While the new iPhone 4 has just arrived and it has become an increasingly successful product over the different models launched since 2007, what should we expect in particular for this 5th generation iPhone?

Given the enthusiasm of operators, especially in the United States, to develop around the new 4G technology (also called LTE), Apple could take advantage of the launch of the fifth generation of the iPhone to integrate a 4G-LTE chip and therefore to be able to support this new network standard. This would allow the Cupertino company to extend the distribution of its iPhone to competing AT&T networks. Another possibility is the integration of a chip supporting the Wimax network, which is also in vogue in the United States.

In order to stay competitive and be able to move in the same line of its new features such as FaceTime – requiring large bandwidth to be used outside Wi-Fi Apple could leverage this new technology to continue its commercial deployment of the iPhone and of iPad 3G which could suffer the same effect.

The speculations also turn on the integration of NFC (Near Field Communication) sensors which would allow you to carry out transactions with your iPhone just by passing it in front of a magnetic terminal. The American operators AT&T and Verizon Wireless have already indicated their keen interest in such a system.

Finally, some people believe in the arrival of an iPhone Nano suite to recent revelations of parts stamped with Apple stamps and completely unknown so far.

On your side, what are your expected improvements for the fifth generation of the iPhone already?

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