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YouTube launches new HTML5 mobile portal

enero 21, 2020

youtube mobile

Website Youtube Now offers its mobile website in a completely revised and written version specifically for mobile devices capable of reading HTML5 format such as the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

When the user joins the mobile portal of Youtube via the address, the latter discovers a new user-friendly interface offering quick access to subscriptions, playlists, favorites, your videos uploaded, as well as quick access to search parameters.

The video playback interface has also been modified and offers a clearer presentation with many features offered: playing video in a better quality format and viewing / posting comments.

According to the first user feedback, this web application Youtube is significantly better than the native player that can be found especially on the iPhone. The videos would load faster.

The opportunity may have come for the company bought by the Internet glove to finally update its native application integrated into iOS since its inception and which has not evolved to date.

We discuss it on the forum.

Launch video for the new YouTube mobile portal: