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The Bumper, the miracle case "made in Apple", is no longer for sale

enero 21, 2020

Apple Bumper unavailable

As follows Apple's press conference this Friday, which we have assured direct how, the very first measures were soon put in place on the Apple Store online.

This is how it is now impossible to be able to order the now famous ?Bumper?, a key solution for all those who would have telephone reception problems with their iPhone 4.While the firm intends to offer a case to all owners of the iPhone 4 (and knowing that there are already more than three million iPhone 4 sold today, note), we can only appreciate the wise decision to no longer offer the item for sale. Especially since the current stocks are not able to meet the huge demand that will flow in the coming days, when the Cupertino company has implemented the procedure for ordering for free.

For your part, do you plan to order the free case that will be available soon ? While knowing that this one will not be welcome for the followers of the iPhone 4, wishing to preserve the design original of the object.

We discuss it on the forum.