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The American congress in favor of the "jailbreak"

enero 21, 2020

The US Congress today voted in favor of an amendment allowing the installation of third-party applications (other than those originally installed) on a smartphone. In other words, any user of iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad would no longer be obliged – legally speaking – to go through the Apple application store (App Store) in order to install applications on his mobile device. It must be admitted that this subject remained rather vague until now.

This up-to-Point legal would ultimately allow the jailbreak and despite the fact that Apple had already argued that this procedure for modifying the operating system was illegal.

One of the clauses of this amendment also concerns the possibility to ignore access control of a mobile phone or smartphone in order to be able to use it on any mobile operator. It would therefore be a case of allowing the dsimlockage any mobile device.

Beyond the field of mobile phones, the American congress has also voted in favor of allowing consumers to make backups of their purchased DVDs (videos and music).

With that, when the application Cydia available for free on the App Store?

We discuss it on the forum.

(according to AP)