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iPhone 4 in Belgium: the "nightmare" experienced by people who had no reservations

enero 21, 2020

As we told you this morning, the new iPhone is available for sale in Belgium since this Friday. Mobistar had planned ten of its brands to supply the iPhone 4 to those who had been lucky enough to receive a reservation. For those who did not have the chance to obtain these precious sesame, disappointment was often there.

First, many were the people who moved to the different Apple Premium Resellers stores, they were not able to respond favorably to the many requests since it was the operator Mobistar – and he alone – who had – the privilege – of the exclusivity of the launch of the new iPhone this Friday. These different stores will receive stock in the coming days (perhaps already this Monday) depending on the stocks available at Mobistar which depends on the goodwill of Apple to receive the prcieuse supply.

Then, there were also many people who made the trip to the franchise signs "Mobistar", the latter had only been able to receive a few copies – which one could not hesitate to count on the fingers of one hand – and obviously could not meet favorable demand. This caused a standard frustration on the part of customers. Some of them did not hesitate to ?camp? in front of certain stores from 4 am, the disappointment was very great when they learned that there was no stock available or that the few units received were already reserved! Indeed, according to numerous testimonies, the behavior of certain resellers was at the very least "Strange" : ?Arriving in front of – a small – Mobistar reseller 8am, I was able to get the new iPhone about two hours later, I noticed however that the sellers of this shop welcomed friends and did not hesitate to give them several copies of the new product" denounces a customer who is nevertheless delighted to have been able to obtain the new product, and to add: "It is to believe that these copies will end up in a parallel sales system or on sites like eBay".

Finally, some resellers of Mobistar franchises only released the product (received in very small quantities) only in exchange for a new subscription subscription and ?Did not hesitate to turn away customers who did not want to give up? as a testimonial received in our editorial indicates.

It is clear that we are again in the process of reliving exactly the same phenomena of last year which concern certain resellers franchisees Mobistar who consider it necessary to force the customer take out a new subscription in order to make a profit ?More important? during the transaction.

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