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How to configure Word to automatically insert special characters?

enero 21, 2020

Entering special characters on Windows is not always easy. This is for example the case of accented capital letters which require learning several keyboard shortcuts. Not always practical when you have to write a long document. The problem can also arise with certain special characters such as ligatures, which are found in the French language:,,,, etc.

It is quite possible to use the Windows Character Map to copy and paste these famous special characters, but the multiplication of their use in a text can quickly make handling tedious. For some words, Word automatically corrects the writing of words, but this is unfortunately not always the case.

It is however possible to bypass the automatic correction function of Microsoft's word processor so that it automatically replaces the writing of certain elements with a word or a special character.

1. Open the Character Table

Start by opening the Character table on your machine. Click on the menu Dmarrer, search Character table, and open the application. You will need this in the next steps to copy and paste the special characters you need.

2. Open the symbol insertion options

Launch Word, go to tab Insertion, then right on the ribbon, deploy the menu Symbol then click on Other symbols.

3. Configure Automatic Correction

To make Word let you easily write certain special characters, we will configure automatic correction for which replaces the writing of one element with another.

To do this, in the window symbols which is displayed, click on the button Autocorrect

In the text field Replace with, write the shortcut you want to use to write your special character (a combination of two characters for example) and then select Raw Text.

Open the window of the Character table that you launched in step 1, locate the special character to be used and double-click on it to display it in the field Characters copy and click To copy.

Then go back to the window of Autocorrect Word, and paste the special character in the field Through.

Click on Add to create your shortcut which should take place in the Corrections table during typing.

Repeat as many times as necessary to create new entries, depending on your needs. Then click on okay then close the window Special characters of Word.

You can test your creation directly in your Word document. In our case, we have for example asked Word to replace the writing of E 'by, A' by or even ae by, an excellent solution for not having to remember the dedicated keyboard shortcuts.