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Geohot leaves the jailbreak scene, with bitterness

enero 21, 2020

We had announced to you this Saturday the new feat famous hacker Geohot, who showed us, supporting image, that he had managed to achieve jailbreak on the iPhone 4. He had made it clear that his universal tool for jailbreak would not be made public for some time. In a tone that could be described as ironic, he even came to affirm that the ultimate solution would not be found in his person. In conclusion, he asked his readers not to harass with potential production lead times?

Today, on the basis of hundreds of disingenuous comments received on his blog, the young prodigy rears up and we explain the reasons for which it will not publish any solution jailbreak to the general public:

"… From now on, I will not speak again. I regret the time when we could devote ourselves to purely technical aspects. From the successful comments, I realize that the public is only interested when they can get something concrete.

The main reason for my refusal to design a jailbreak solution is not technical. It's just the fact that the demand is permanent and endless. After blackra1n (jailbreak tool preceding iOS4, note), the interested parties awaited the unlocking; after the publication of the latter (under blacksn0w, editor's note), everyone was waiting for a new solution for the iPhone 3GS with the new iBoot, in the form of a non-assisted jailbreak. I miss the era of challenges created by Apple, when jailbreaking and unlocking were really difficult to accomplish … "

In view of his words, George Hotz expresses a norm of disappointment and gets tired of the routine in which he found himself, despite himself.

He therefore seems to have decided to leave the scene of the hack iPhone, at the moment; but if Apple offers him other more complex challenges in the future, there is a good chance that he will get back to work …

We discuss it on the forum.