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Foxconn factory to open iPhone soon

enero 21, 2020

According to several reports from the Chinese agency Xinhua New, the group Hon-Ai would have made the decision to open a new factory soon Foxconn exclusively dedicated to the production of iPhone. Construction of the new plant is expected to start this month.

This new strategy operates by the group Hon-Ai could mean Apple's desire to expand the distribution of its iPhone to new operators, including Verizon Wireless, Sprint and China Telecom, all using the CDMA standard. The opening of new production channels – specially dedicated to these CDMA iPhones – would therefore have no impact on current production chains and would allow us to be able to keep up with the current pace of production or even optimize it with possible openings of new feeds.

Not to mention the information reported in early July by Digitimes indicating that Apple would have already associated recently with ASUSTeK and Pegatron for the production among others of CDMA iPhone in the delivery would be fixed the end of the year.

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