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First things to do on 5 on iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max

enero 21, 2020

If you have just purchased the iPhone XS or iPhone Max or you plan to purchase it soon, the first thing to do is to spend a lot of time on the phone. It's a great idea, but you need to learn a lot to get the most out of these devices. Even if more than a million users are likely to unpack this phone, you may not need to buy it to understand the nuances of how it works. All you have to do is visit the Apples microsite that has been configured to play with the interactive 3D model. As the phone ends up in the hands of customers, there are things they need to do for the first time. The following points reveal the first five things to do on iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max and facilitate the proper functioning of the device.

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Top five things to do on iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max

1. Learn to control gestures

For the first time, iPhone XS or iPhone Max users, the learning experience of using the home button gesture commands is very attractive. It may not take long if you have to swipe from the bottom of the screen to the application home screen, then again up to access the locked screen and return to the home page as soon as the face completes the recognition process. . However, when you swipe up and hold your finger for a while, it's easy to use the multitasking which allows you to switch to another open application. However, you can also swipe up on the image of another nearby application. If you notice the small bar at the bottom of the screen, you can swipe left, then right to quickly switch from one application to another, without having to display the multitasking screen to facilitate the movement of one or two applications. time.

iPhone XS control gesture

2. Create a shortcut and try wireless charging

You may need to spend more time learning how to create shortcuts. You should thank Siri Shortcuts for making you more productive. As soon as you get the iPhone XS or iPhone Max, you need to download the Shortcuts app from the App Store and take a quick look at the shortcuts available in the app. Siri gives you some recommendations, but it also allows you to create yourself, like the shortcuts you create, using already updated third-party applications.

Although you need to use the features effectively, creating a quick and easy shortcut lets you understand how Siri shortcuts work. You can open the Shortcuts application and click on it to create the shortcut. You can search and configure Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. You must deactivate them to be able to press the button Rglages button to give it a name. Tapping on Add Siri button, save the name you gave it. Now, if you have to turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, you can contact Siri and indicate his name so that this task is carried out smoothly. Although you can visit online stores when you need to buy wireless chargers or try to check the systems available in the Apple Store, you can get an idea of ??wireless charging and its effectiveness when you visit the local Apple Store and place the device for charging.

3. Configuring Face ID and Safari Autofill

You must pass Rglages and after that Face ID and password and finally Configure the face identifier. After that, you need to move the iPhone XS or iPhone Max in front of your face and tap Estimate your income. While looking directly at the camera, you need to properly position your face so that it fits the frame and rotate the head in a circular motion. The on-screen graphics provide confirmation that your face ID is accurately recorded from different angles. The next step is to choose all the features of the device for which you need the face protect identifier. Ideally, you should use all the features, especially the autocomplete password.

Under system and application access, you will come across another option called alternative appearance. This functionality adds more flexibility to the recognition of the facial identifier. If you change the profile of your face too often, for example if you wear sunglasses or if you change your hairstyle, you must configure it as the identifier of the same person or another person to improve the accessibility of the phone. . You can choose to turn off the attention to make sure you look at the screen before unlocking the device after the power is turned off. Requires attention for face identification to speed up authentication by face identifier, to the detriment of phone security.

iPhone XS Face ID

4. Try the right tone and center of control

If you upgraded your iPhone a few years ago, you may not be aware of the True Tone functionality introduced with the device that arrived last year. This feature uses the sensors to measure the ambient light automatically to match the white level and adjust the coloring. You have to believe that this contributes to reducing the fatigue of your eyes and allows you to obtain the correct color whatever the lighting conditions. If you have acclimatized your eyes to look at the screen which hardly changes, it may take you a little time to adjust this functionality, but, hopefully, save the effort of your eyes. You will find it under the display and brightness in the Settings menu or access it via the Control Center.

iPhone XS True tone

Accessing the Control Center of the iPhone XS or Max is different, but you need to master its use to make it a practical function and press for Bluetooth, the Wi-Fi commands and the lighting of the flashlight. Even if there are a lot of buttons on the screen, you can add more if you want. Just go Rglages, Control Center and Personalize to choose from the many options such as alarms, reduced power mode, Apple TV remote control, guided access and accessibility shortcuts. After tweaking the Control Center, you can use the 3D Touch tips here. For example, while holding the flashlight down, you can easily adjust the sensitivity level of the torch. On the other hand, the brightness slider allows you to access the True Tone option via 3D Touch and Night Shift.

IPhone XS Control Center

5. Use the accessibility option

When using the iPhone XS or Max, you may want to learn more about the Accessibility option. Although this iPhone functionality has been around for some time, you may also want to make it effective in this brand and this iPhone model. It helps you easily navigate the screen using your thumb. The first thing to do is to activate the Accessibility option in the menu Rglages GNRALITS and accessibility in the interaction section. You can use this feature while you are still in the app. All you have to do is slide your finger on the movement bar at the bottom of the screen. The upper part of the screen moves to the bottom of the screen and is easy to reach. You must swipe again to the gesture bar to return to normal mode.

According to Apple, the iPhone XS or iPhone Max can survive in half an hour of water in two meters, and even if few users want to pass this nerve-proving test, the claim is true. You may want to do a lot while interacting with the phone afterwards, but be sure to manage the functions appropriately.