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Common OnePlus 6 issues and their fixes

Although the OnePlus 6 has a new sporty design with two rear cameras and a classic glass design, you may be slightly affected by the flaws in this phone. If you have already purchased this cell phone, you just need to know the most common problems and possible solutions to eliminate the problems. With the fixes available, you can resolve any issues on the phone. Making the fixes is easy and you are ready to set up your phone without any problems.

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Problem 1: The battery life is poor and the phone frequently overheats

While the problem of battery drain and overheating is common in various smartphones, the battery in this cell phone also drains the charge too quickly. However, it is normal for the phone to be frequently heated when it is new, when you download multiple applications, and you are probably using it more than you can.

If you are one of these customers using this phone and have problems with the battery, the following steps can help you find the solution.

Method 1: uninstall some apps and upgrade to the latest apps

  1. Check the phone settings to find out the problems that may be causing the problem. If one or more applications are the reason to drain your phone's battery, you can uninstall them.
  2. Reduce the brightness of the screen and the time required to enter standby mode.
  3. Try to disable mobile data when there is a weak signal.
  4. With stable software provided by OnePlus, make sure you have the latest software on your phone.

oneplus 6 common problems

Method 2: Restart the phone and erase the cache partition

The battery problem on the phone is similar to an endless cycle. You will hear the same story on battery life in models from other companies as well. However, if the battery life problem is real and your phone is charged in no time, you can try restarting the phones to see the difference. If nothing works, you can reset the phone to the factory. However, don't forget to make a backup of all data and files, as everything from call logs to messages will disappear from the phone during this process.

  1. A simple restart is all that your phone may need if you haven't done so recently. Hold the power button and press Restart.
  2. It is a good idea to erase the cache partition to make sure it does not cause the battery to drain quickly. You must hold down the power key and turn off the device. Once the phone is in OFF mode, you must press the volume and the power key simultaneously. It should start in recovery mode if you can select it using the power keys and navigate with the volume keys. Simply select the language of your choice and choose the cache cleaning option.

Problem 2: Delay in the arrival of notifications

Whether it's the old version of the phone or the most recent variant, many phone owners have complained about the delay in the arrival of notifications. However, you can resolve this problem when you consider the following steps.

Method 1: Problem optimizing the battery and the alert slider

  1. If you suspect that battery optimization is the reason for the delay in receiving the notification, you need to press the application, which can cause the problem.
  2. You must also deactivate the Advanced optimization option when you press the three vertical points present at the top right of the mobile.

Oneplus 6 game mode

Method 2: deactivate the game mode

  1. To make sure the game mode is turned off on the mobile phone, you need to check the settings, visit the game mode and toggle the blocking notification.
  2. Check the notification settings to locate the applications on the mobile.

Problem 3: Automatic brightness The flicker is dull

Recently, the automatic brightness mode of the phone does not work properly. While some people have noticed flickering in direct sunlight, others have noticed that the phone is generally darker than expected.

Method 1: Checking the adaptive brightness of the telephone

  1. You can visit the settings and enable or disable the adaptive brightness feature or set it manually when you drop down the notification tone and use the brightness slider.
  2. You can try using another application to check if it works similarly on the software.
  3. When using the brightness slider under the adaptive brightness function, you can set the minimum brightness level relative to the automatic brightness level and test it again. Even though it may not solve the flicker problems you are having, it can make the phone brighter if it looks darker than usual.

OnePlus 6 Disable brightness problem

Problem 4: unexpected phone shutdown

Although this is one of the major problems that you may encounter on Android smartphones, this phone can also present problems in one or more cases.

Method 1: Check phone heating problems

If the phone gets hot frequently, you can expect it to turn off without notification. While checking for unexpected shutdown issues, you should also try to focus on the reasons for the heating issues you may be experiencing.

  1. You need to take care of the underlying issues that often heat up the phone. Try to check the apps you have installed or the phone usage pattern to track heating issues, as it can suddenly turn the phone down.
  2. Allow the battery to drain completely before recharging it. Do not charge the phone too often.

Method 2: Factory reset of the telephone

  1. This is the last resort to prevent the phone from stopping. Make sure you have a backup of the data present in the phone as they will all disappear during this process.
  2. You should avoid restoring the backup automatically after this process, but try to do it manually.

Problem 5: lazy user interface in the phone

The user interface is key to the popularity of any smartphone and the same goes for this model. However, recent reports of the slow user interface of this model have started to arrive. Fine-tuning some options on the phone here and there can resolve the issues.

Method 1: removing the third-party launcher

Downloading a third-party launcher can cause this problem. However, you need to remove the downloader immediately to resolve the problem in this phone urgently.

  1. You should remove the third-party launcher as soon as possible as it is not optimized in the particular data sheet.
  2. The next step is to restart the phone. You can turn off the phone and restart it to use it again.
  3. If the user interface remains inactive after that, the only option you have is to reset the phone. Make sure you have the necessary backup of the files present in the phone before resetting the phone.

Oneplus 6 Launcher turns off

Problem 6: frequent disturbances in Wi-Fi connectivity

A common problem that you may encounter with this model is the disruption of the Wi-Fi connection. Over time, the connection becomes slow or it can be disconnected at random.

Method 1: Restart the phone and update the connection

If you haven't restarted the phone recently, try doing so to avoid obstacles in Wi-Fi connectivity.

  1. You can start by restarting the phone with the Wi-Fi router if you have connectivity problems.
  2. You can access the settings mode and check if the Wi-Fi mode is activated, even in standby mode.
  3. Try to access the settings, then save and reset to reset the network settings. After that, you can try to set up the Wi-Fi connection again to check if the connectivity problem returns.

Method 2: Finding cleaning data and the cache option

  1. You must hold down the power button to press the power off option. Once you wash off, you can keep the volume and power buttons at the same time. While it starts with the recovery option, you can navigate using the volume keys and select the correct option with the power key. Thereafter, you must pass the Wipe data and cache option and restart.
  2. Make sure to check for updates regularly and check the router manufacturer's Internet service provider to make sure the firmware is up to date.

Problem 7: Correction of the Bluetooth problem

Wi-Fi connectivity issues are not the only problem you face with this cell phone, as problems can also occur in Bluetooth connectivity. When you try to connect more than one device with mobile phones, problems with the Bluetooth connection may occur. The biggest problem people face with Bluetooth connectivity is in cars where the device simply wouldn't connect. Even if the connectivity remains intact, the telephone icon does not appear.

Method 1: Disable HD call option

  1. You can turn off HD call settings on the phone to resolve issues, as many customers have said.
  2. You can also restart the phone or restart the car and stereo to check connectivity.
  3. You can also drop all pairs to start over to see the results.

Problem 8: Drain charge in the phone

This is another problem that you may experience with all Android smartphones and OnePlus 6 follows. With a few steps, you can easily correct billing issues from time to time.

Method 1: Follow the loading rules and avoid playing games

  1. You should not let the phone charge for too long.
  2. When the load drains quickly, you can get into your habit of playing games, and you never know when you've been using the phone too much when the load is off.
  3. Make sure the phone is not in use during charging. Using the phone when charging can heat the device and the charge tends to drain easily.

Problem 9: notch blocked or freezing

The phone screen becomes frozen or suddenly when you make calls or play games. Verifying apps can resolve the crisis.

Method 1: Check the applications creating the problem

  1. Check the applications where the problem comes from. If this is an application causing the problem, you may not have blamed the phone.
  2. You can update or optimize this application to reduce the risk of screen freezing.
  3. When you get stuck with the default apps such as email, camera or phone, you should check the settings and go to the default apps. Choose the applications causing the problem and clear the cache to get the best result on the phone.

Method 2: Changing the phone format

  1. If the above steps cannot solve the problem of the frozen screen, you can try to reset the phone after saving.
  2. Formatting the phone can also help you get rid of other problems.

Problem 10: slow opening of applications

If the applications open slowly, you should analyze the nature of the applications and follow the problem.

Method 1: Check the nature of the applications

Some applications are inherently slow such as games, so you can guess the culprit.

  1. Large games and apps like YouTube may open slowly and you don't have to worry about that.
  2. When all of the apps open slowly on the phone, you can try restarting the device and checking again.


Some of the problems of OnePlus 6 can appear frequently. However, you can train on your own, for example by restarting, restarting or resetting the phone. Tracking software updates that appear from time to time on the phone can also avoid the problem. However, if the quick fixes do not work, you can bring the mobile to an authorized service center for best results.