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Case of iTunes hacks accounts: 400 users affected and between 1 and 2 million dollars stolen

enero 21, 2020

Top 25 US iTunes

Apple reacted this Tuesday regarding the iTunes account case "Hacks" which made it possible to place all the applications of a certain developer Thuat Nguyen in the Top 25 of the App Store.

In its official statement, the Cupertino company did not specify the extent of the fraud. So it was wondering if there was really something to worry about or not?

Our colleagues at Engadget therefore took the initiative of contacting Apple's PR department directly and obtained the information that 400 users were affected by this fraud and that Apple's servers were not compromised.

400 affected users, this corresponds – only – 0.0003% of the 150 million iTunes users.

It would appear, however, that this Thuat Nguyen does not exist, however. It would ultimately be a pseudo used by one or more hackers for more than a month and a half according to a developer analyst Alex Brie who estimates that this Thuat Nguyen would have made a minimum of 100 sales per day for each of his applications is an income of around $ 20,000 a day, over a million dollars a month!

We discuss it on the forum.