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Apple product users reportedly have a higher sexual appetite

enero 21, 2020

Richard Longhurst, owner of the online store – specializes – in toys, found the right way to spread the word about his company. Availing discreetly of the buzz of the products of the Cupertino company, he dared to affirm that the users of these same products have a big sexual appetite.

But how did he manage to draw such a conclusion?

It is through the frequentation figures of his online site – taken from Google Analytic – that he supports his argument. According to him, the biggest advocates in toys are iPad users spending an average of 59 (or 70), followed closely by iPhone users and, finally, Mac computer users taking third place.

Windows users would spend two times less than iPad users.

For Longhurst, the numbers speak for themselves: Apple hardware users are sexually more confident and more original in bed or because they would be more financially secure: Because Apple hardware is not given, recognizes the boss of The online store.

We discuss it on the forum.