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Apple explains to the US Congress about its privacy policy

enero 21, 2020

Two members of the US House of Representatives, Joe Barton and Edward Markey sent a letter in June to Steve Jobs regarding changes to the privacy policy in iOS.

These two users want to know the exact nature of the information collected by Apple. In fact, since June, a new clause entitled: ?Location-Based Services? (understand, location-based services), has been added to the terms and conditions of use of the iTunes Store.

The answer was given by Bruce Sewell, Apple?s general counsel, who explains in an official letter the basics of the privacy policy review. He explains that Apple and its partners can collect, use and share location data including precise geographic location in real time.

Bruce Sewell ensures that information is transmitted anonymously and that users' personal information is never shared.

For people who wish to subscribe to this information collection, they can connect to this link ( from their iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad. The customer will continue to receive advertisements on his iPhone thanks to iAd but these advertisements will no longer be targeted.

According to Apple's general counsel, this collection of information is kept for 6 months by the company of Cupertino to improve iAd. The company maintains a record of each ad sent to an iPhone in a database accessible only by Apple to ensure that each customer does not receive duplicate or repetitive advertisements.

Bruce Sewell also points out that customers can voluntarily cut the location service of their iPhone in the apple device settings and that, thanks to iOS 4, they can now know which application is using or has used the location service for the past 24 hours.

Joe Barton and Edward J. Markey say they are satisfied with the detailed answer given by Apple but they wish that each company must go towards more transparency.

The full response from Apple's General Counsel can be viewed here:

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