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Apple advertises its iPhone 6S made in India

enero 21, 2020

iPhone 6S iconWe knew it, Apple now puts it forward. The firm Apple was forced to manufacture locally to sell iPhone in India. After the iPhone SE, Apple launched the iPhone 6S, a model that is starting to date since it was released in 2015.

Apple's first ad about it got noticed because it proudly says: Now made in India . Sold less than 350, the iPhone 6S should also soon pass iOS 13, unlike its predecessors.

To arrive at such rates, Apple therefore had to relocate part of its logistics. The assembly is therefore done on site, which avoids exorbitant over-taxes. Protectionism which becomes fashionable again, even in the USA with Trump who taxes Chinese imports.

For the record, Apple also plans to open soon its first Apple Store in India, Bombay more precisely.

Apple's pub in India

made in india iphone 6s