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United Kingdom: Daily Mail scoop on iPhone 4 falls apart …

Pretty ?Blow in the water? for the english daily Daily Mail who was quick to publish information that Apple's C.E.O, Steve Jobs, was asking the recall of the iPhone 4 following antenna and reception problems. The information was posted on Twitter from the account @ceostevejobs which was a hoax.

The Daily Mail, not being aware that it was a fake account, did not take long to withdraw his information, but the damage was done and the writing of this English daily was now pointed out by many his colleagues.

Many online daily newspapers are often looking for the – scoop – by using social networks such as Twitter or by using sometimes questionable practices (Cfr. The scoop of the prototype of the stolen iPhone and then rvl by Gizmodo who hadn?t hesitated to buy it back for $ 5,000 to release it first).

It is very important for an online daily newspaper to obviously stay in the information race and if possible – to be able to get one of these famous scoops -. Still it would be necessary that these last live if possible this kind of draping despite the pressure which they must show and this in a daily way.

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