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The procedure of Apple on the concerns of antennas of the iPhone 4 unveils

enero 20, 2020

iPhone 4

It goes without saying that the possible reception concerns caused by the antennas of the new iPhone have been around the net since its launch last Thursday. Even if Apple was quick to react by indicating that the problem could be solved by holding the new machine in a certain way, the Cupertino company did not fail to indicate that it was '' a phenomenon that we find in all cell phones and smartphones.

This is how the firm that the Cupertino firm decided to treat this problem as if it were not ultimately. Witness this internal memory, revealed by BoyGeniusReport, which would have been passed on to Apple employees working in after-sales service.

1. During your conversation, keep our positioning. The tone you use when delivering information is important.

The iPhone 4 has the performance of wireless technology that we have never offered today. Our tests have shown that antenna performance is better than the iPhone 3GS.

b. Depending on the different places where you are, it is possible that the reception of networks is weakened. This applies to all phones.

vs. If you have this problem on the iPhone 3GS, avoid covering it with your hand on the lower right side.

d. If you have this problem on iPhone 4, avoid covering the groove in the lower left corner.

e. Using a case made of rubber or plastic can improve wireless performance while keeping your hand on these areas.

2. Do not use the warranty for this kind of symptom. Use the positioning above to respond to customer questions and concerns.

3. Remember to ask customers if they still need help. Take into consideration customers who have reception problems if their telephones are not held in their hands but on the table and therefore not covered.

4. Report the problem if the phone is not in your hands and you cannot solve it.

5. We do not offer Bumper cases to appease customers as commercial compensation. Do not promise free tuis to customers.

According to this mmo, it seems clear that the Cupertino company is adopting a positive attitude towards this problem which, according to them, is not ultimately one. The mmo does not indicate, however, that a future iOS update will improve reception performance.

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