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The iPhone 4 at Mobistar: Not before the end of July, or even early August!

enero 20, 2020

Our colleagues from BeMobile confirm the period of marketing of the iPhone 4 in Belgium.

According to the spokesperson for Mobistar, Patti Verdoodt, the pomm smartphone will be sold at best, towards the end of July, and most certainly towards the beginning of August. In addition, she adds that ?the iPhone 4 will be available (?.) In limited quantities?

The sale price is not yet known and will be announced in due course. There is also no information regarding a possible blocking of the iPhone 4 on the Mobistar network following the change in law which authorizes the joint sale.

These limited quantities during marketing (slightly regrown) would they be due to the high demand in the United States, in France and in the other countries which were able to pre-order iPhone 4s since Tuesday June 15?

We discuss it on the forum.