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The firmware "Gold Master" of iOS 4 dj jaibreak!

enero 20, 2020

The hacker responding to the nickname of msft.guy just announced that he had already developed a solution to jailbreak the version ?Gold Master? iOS 4.0 (formerly called iPhone OS 4.0, editor's note). As a reminder, this is the same hacker who had contributed to unlocking the firmware iPhone OS 3.1.3 provided with baseband 05.11.07 using the Blacksnow tool.

msft.guy is therefore back today proposing a solution, the current state of experimentation, which however already shows promise but reserved exclusively for experienced users at the risk of permanently damaging your iPhone!

The hacker strongly advises to wait for the complete solution of the Dev Team, expected soon, and which should allow jailbreak and dsimlocker iOS 4.0 in a much more comfortable way.

Now, if you want to get started, your risks and dangers (Belgium-iPhone disclaims all responsibilities), the solution is found here.

We discuss it on the forum.