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the film will arrive in March on Apple TV +

enero 20, 2020

Apple announces that the film The Banker, with Samuel L. Jackson, among others, will be released in theaters and on Apple TV + next March.

The Banker

The film was originally scheduled to premiere at the AFI Fest, before a theatrical release in December. However, a few days after the official presentation, Apple decided to block its distribution due to certain allegations of sexual abuse. The first scheduled for December 6 was specifically canceled following accusations of inappropriate sexual behavior by co-producer and consultant Bernard Garrett Jr., son of the protagonist of the story told in the film. Charges were laid by Cynthia Garrett, the half-surde of Garrett Jr. Apple decided to freeze the film although Bernard Garrett Jr. was never present in the film, having participated only as a consultant and co.

Here is Apple's statement:

We created Apple TV + as a place for stories like The Banker, a film inspired by the courageous actions of Bernard Garrett Sr. and Joe Morris, two African-American businessmen who brought about positive social change.

We wanted to take the time to understand the situation and, after examining the information available to us, including the documentation and research of the filmmakers, we decided to make this important and informative film available to viewers.

The Banker is a film that tells the true story of Bernard Garrett (Anthony Mackie) and Joe Morris (Samuel L. Jackson), two African-American entrepreneurs who tried to fight racial prejudice in the difficult 60s.

The film will hit theaters on March 6, then hit Apple TV + on March 20.