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Preview of the lavender and green colors of the iPhone XI R 2019 (concept)

enero 20, 2020

iphone xr iconAfter the first rumors about the new colors of the iPhone XR 2019 from Japan, Mark Gurman had published this morning pieces of glass supposed to be, too, those expected at the back of the iPhone XI R.

Despite the two leaks with supporting images, it was difficult to realize the final result. So we decided to open our favorite photo editor to replace the colors blue and coral by the lavender and mint green on the official photos that can be found on the Apple site. In English, we talk about lavender purple and mint green.
Yes, Apple would have decided to change the two colors for the new 2019 version. They are inspired by recent cases released for spring.

Color rendering of iPhone XR 2019 with dual sensor

Here is our creation for the future iPhone XI R 2019, followed by the official images of the iPhone XR 2018.

Update : we also made a rendering with the dual camera on the back of the iPhone XR, to be as close as possible to the various leaks.

iphone xr - xir rendering: 2019 v2 color with dual photo sensor

iphone xr or xi r 2019 with dual camera - concept - rendering

And the rendering of the new colors on the current iPhone XR

iphone xr color 2019 v2 concept renderingiphone xr 2019 lavender greeniphone xir 2019 lavender and green

The images of the iPhone XR 2018

iphone xr color 2018 v2

iphone xr color 2018

Obviously, it will be necessary to wait until September to ensure that these colors are added to the Apple catalog. Likewise for the other new features expected on the iPhone XR, such as the rear dual photo sensor, the new textured glass or the Face ID 2, among others.

Do you like the iPhone in mint green and lavender?