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Mobistar warns its customers at the dawn of the summer holidays …

At the dawn of the summer holidays and therefore stays abroad, the operator Mobistar warns of the danger of high bills and draws attention to the new protection measures in force from July 1.

Mobistar says it has conducted an investigation it calls "Surprising" on the use of GSM and laptop abroad.

Faced with the increase in the number of complaints from dissatisfied telecom customers (cf. report by the telecommunications ombudsman), Mobistar carried out an investigation into the use of mobile phones and laptops abroad.

It turns out that user ignorance is particularly high. And this, despite the warning methods already in force.

Although almost everyone takes their mobile phones abroad and one person in three leaves with their laptop, barely 6 per cent of respondents know the prices for using the Internet abroad; only 16 percent know that the smartphone settings can be adapted and barely 10 percent are aware of the existence of new blocking mechanisms that are mandatory as of July 1 and operational for Mobistar customers since March 1.

During his vacation abroad, the Belgian likes to call his loved ones who have stayed in the country (88 percent), read his online newspaper (32 percent), chat (27 percent) and even consult his company's intranet (8 percent).

He forgets, alas, that this can come with significant costs, especially in countries outside the European Union such as Turkey and the United States.

Results qualified as surprising, even worrying at Mobistar. The operator therefore intends, from the start of the holiday, to inform users as widely as possible in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises on their bill.

Belgium-iPhone strongly advises you not to use the data transfer if you are going abroad or according to your need, to choose a tariff formula adapted according to your country of destination!

If you do not want to use foreign data transfer on your iPhone, it is disabled by default. You can check the status of this option by going to Settings / General / Network / Data abroad: Deactivated.

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