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Mac Pro 2019: cheaper storage at Pegasus up to 32 TB

imac pro iconIf you have opted for the very expensive Mac Pro 2019 but the 256 GB of the basic SSD are not enough for you, know that third-party accessories allow you to have 8 TB or even 32 TB for more reasonable prices than those offered by Apple. Not to mention that the maximum capacity offered by Apple is currently 4 TB.

To help you, Pegasus offers the Pegasus J2i and Pegasus R4i boxes to fit into your tower.

apple mac pro option pegasus storage j2i

The Pegasus J2i 429.95

The Pegasus J2i internal storage case fits right at the top of the Mac Pro. It allows you to add an 8 TB SATA hard drive running 7200 rpm, not counting the additional free 3.5-inch slot. The Pegasus J2i is displayed 429.95 but needs to be connected with cables included.

The Pegasus R4i 2 489

The Pegasus R4i case is positioned much higher with its 4 SATA 8 TB drives. To justify the price, this module uses the MPX standard to integrate more easily into the machine, without effort. In addition, the Promise Pegasus R4i is equipped with the RAID 5 engine to increase security. On the other hand, its useful capacity is then 24 TB in this configuration, the rest so much used for data replication. If you want more, you can reconfigure the module in RAID 0, 1, 6, or 10.

Finally, if you opt for the R4i, Apple specifies that it will be necessary to deactivate Power Nap in Mac System Preferences (in "energy saver").