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Keynote: What will be the possible announcements?

enero 20, 2020

It is no longer a secret for anyone that from Monday June 7, 2010 will be held the annual fair dedicated to developers on Mac OS X and iPhone OS (WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) and even less of the Keynote which will be hosted by Steve Jobs, who will take the opportunity to present the new products of his company and which the entire Apple sphere has been waiting for months.

Rumors, there have been normal in recent months and even more in recent weeks. So it's time to sum it all up.

Let's start with the rumor that has been creating the buzz on the internet for several weeks: the iPhone V4

IPhone V4

Also called iPhone 4G (twisted since it might not incorporate a chip allowing to surf on the 4G or LTE network) or iPhone HD, the latter could be a major update of the iPhone range (more than during a transition from iPhone 3G to 3GS) since several features could be provided as well as a complete overhaul of the current design.

The prototypes whose components were stamped with the apple brand have no doubt about their origins. Wrong track from Apple to park or steal a prototype? We will not know until next Monday when Steve Jobs will unveil the new generation of iPhone!

However, these prototypes already allow us to speculate on the components and improvements that would be made to the iPhone V4.

This iPhone could integrate an Apple A4 processor (the same one that is currently used on iPads). The latter is faster than the current processor on the iPhone 3GS. 256Mb of memory life (see even 512Mb) could also be present.

A camera with a resolution of 5 MegaPixels could be part of it. An LED flash is not excluded. But it would not be the only photo / video sensor present since there would be a front sensor, destined for video conferencing.

The slot for receiving a SIM card would be replaced by a slot for inserting a Micro-SIM card. The latter would no longer be located on the upper side of the iPhone but on the right side.

In terms of design, it seems, according to the prototypes we have seen on the internet, that the iPhone would be more robust, in particular by a ceramic shell. The microphone and speaker would also be slightly larger than on current models. For the white model, the front face could be uniformed with respect to the rear face.

The iPhone V4 will certainly come with the firmware 4.0 as standard.

Firmware 4.0

This firmware, presented at a Special Event on April 8, a handful of journalists and developers is the major evolution of the operating system for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Currently in its fourth beta phase, firmware 4.0 includes advances like multitasking (only on iPhone 3GS and iPhone V4), grouping of applications by genre (to reduce the number of screens welcome significantly), better management of photos and videos. A universal mailbox for receiving emails is also provided, in order to gain speed when reading emails when you have multiple accounts.

The iBooks app will also be available to iPhone and iPod Touch owners to enable the purchase of e-books from the iBookstore and reading of the latest on the iPhone screen.

A ?Game Center? is also planned. It?s a kind of social network for iPhone and iPod Touch game lovers.

In terms of availability, this firmware 4.0 was announced as available in the summer. With the upcoming release of the iPhone V4, Apple may be able to offer this firmware a little earlier than expected, or see the same day as the release of the iPhone V4 in the United States. For my part, we should not expect to see it available next Monday but perhaps that one or the other additional option could be unveiled (thanks to the presentation of the iPhone V4 which could bring videoconference, and therefore a new native application).

For the iPad, firmware 4.0 is not expected until fall 2010.

Mac OS X 10.6.4

A new (intermediate) update for Mac OS X could be made available next Monday. The beta versions have followed one another at great pace for the past few weeks. This could be a sign of an impending release to the general public.

iLife and iWork 2010

It's been more than a year since the iLife suite for Mac OS X (iPhoto, GarageBand, iDVD, iMovie) and the iWork suite (Pages, Keynote, Numbers) have received no major updates. WWDC could be an opportunity for Apple to catch up with a new version. No concrete rumor comes to affirm this thing. The mystery therefore remains intact and it is quite possible that nothing will be present at this level next Monday.

MobileMe free

Apple's MobileMe (paid) online service may see some of its functionality available for free. This is to give the iPhone a little more credit compared to its competitor Androd, which allows full synchronization with Google?s online services. This could be announced this Monday or a later date. Let?s not forget that Apple is building a new building to house servers.

A new Apple TV

The Apple TV multimedia box could undergo a complete overhaul and see its system embed an Apple A4 processor (like that of the iPad) and run on iPhone OS. In addition to allowing the download and viewing of movies (in countries where the iTunes Movie Store is available) and the purchase and listening of music through the iTunes Store, the presence of iPhone OS would allow the Apple TV to benefit from the very complete catalog of the App Store and to enjoy its Apple TV as a game console.

The applications for iPad could perfectly suit a television.

Mac Pro

The Apple line of business computers: The Mac Pro has not had a major update in over a year. WWDC, and the presence of many developers, could push the company to offer a new generation of Mac Pro, with upgraded features and latest generation Intel processors.

Macbook Air

Like the Mac Pro, the Macbook Air has also not undergone a major update for more than a year. The very recent release of new low-power Intel Core i5 processors could allow Apple to update its range of ultra-light computers because only Intel Core 2 Duo processors allowed, until now, to run this machine.

Mac mini

Certainly, several machines in the range have still not received their annual update. The Mac Mini is no exception and could see its features improved. We may be talking about an additional HDMI output.

One More Thing?

It is not impossible that an unexpected revelation is also on the agenda for this Monday, June 7, 2010 of which only Steve Jobs has the secret.

What do you think Apple could present in addition?

Will Apple just show us the iPhone V4 or other products from this possible list?

We discuss it on the forum.