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iPhone 4: thousands of people in the queues

enero 20, 2020

Queues are created all over the plant, starting with dimmenses files in Japan, then in England, and it is not only in front of the Apple Stores which have been created but also in all the other shops selling the very coveted iPhone 4.

According to information received by the British operator O2, they only received 20 units per branch, from which the queues of up to a hundred people quickly dispersed. A lot ofaficionados left empty-handed, and very annoyed at not being able to get their device despite many hours of waiting or camping.

The Apple Store of Regent Street (illustrated above) meanwhile saw a crowd of more than 1000 people in front of its doors, since its opening at 7am this morning.

Most sellers have created two queues to organize themselves, one for reservations, the second for those who hope to be able to buy the device.

However, many buyers are already very proud to show off their device, a fierceness such as this one was never known in the middle of the mobile phone, perhaps except for the previous versions of the iPhone.

In Japan, the situation is almost identical, hundreds of people have lined up or camped outside the Softbank Tokyo store and the Apple Store in Ginza.

We can speculate on the number of iPhone that will have been imported into England, but the trend is confirmed, all the units will undoubtedly be sold today. In addition, Apple had to suspend its pre-sales only after 24 hours, due to the 600,000 reservations made, higher than expected.

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